Dispatch: Ethiopia for First-Timers

Dispatch: Ethiopia for First-Timers

Ignorance is not often considered an asset, but on this trip to Ethiopia I have the advantage of being able to report my impressions as a first-time visitor who knew very little about the country before I got on this NTA Product Development Trip this week.

Paradise Lodge overlooks Lake Abaya and a mountain called Jesus' Bridge. (Photo by David Cogswell)

Paradise Lodge overlooks Lake Abaya and a mountain called Jesus’ Bridge. (Photo by David Cogswell)

The schedule is full, leaving little time to file reports, and there are many things to report. The Ethiopian Tourism Organization was tasked with trying to give as comprehensive a picture of Ethiopia’s tourism possibilities as possible to a small group of tour operators in a 10-day period, including trans-Atlantic transportation. In four full days of touring they have done a great job of dazzling us with the range of possibilities in the country, and we’re only about halfway finished with the trip.

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