ENAPHA to Establish a Medical Zone in Addis Ababa

ENAPHA to Establish a Medical Zone in Addis Ababa

ENAPHAAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association (ENAHPA) will establish a medical zone in Addis Ababa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed.

Diaspora Engagement Affairs Directorate-General with the Ministry, Feisel Aliyi, told ENA that the planned medical zone will help Addis Ababa become center of medical tourism.

The Directorate-General said ENAHPA and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) have signed agreement that will enable the medical zone to be East Africa’s center of excellence in cancer treatment and peoples of IGAD member states to benefit from the center.

He pointed out that cancer patients from East African countries, including Ethiopia, have been travelling to European countries and Bangkok to get better medical treatment expending huge cost. The establishment of the center will stop the travel and save hard currency, Feisel said, further noting that the centre will also provide advanced medical treatment that is not currently available in the Region.

According to the Director-General, the center will attract the attention of many African countries since it would be using advanced medical technology and highly qualified professionals.

The establishment of the center is exemplary to the Ethiopian Diaspora, and was fully supported by the government as it is in harmony with the Diaspora Policy.

ENAHPA has over 300 Ethiopian health professionals living in North America and Europe.

Source: ENA

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