Ethiopia earns $ 2.6 billion from export

Ethiopia earns $ 2.6 billion from export

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Ministry of Trade announced that Ethiopia earned 2.6 billion dollar revenue from export of goods in the past 10 months. Exports Revenue

The revenue is mainly collected from export of live animal, fruits and vegetables, coffee, hides and skins, Khat, textile and garments.

According to Amakele, Yimam, Head of the Public Relations Directorate General, the current year’s performance has shown a 4.8 million dollar increase when compared to last Ethiopian fiscal year’s performance.

This year’s 10-month performance meets 64% of the target set for export. The drop in coffee price and shortage of supply were the factors for low performance in export, Amakele said.

Source: Walta Information Center

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