Ethiopian Public Yet to be Bowled Over by Sport

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Bowling is not a new sport to Ethiopia. It is believed to have been introduced by the Italians, during their five year of occupation. However, the number of participants and the facilities for the sport is still limited in number.

Bowlarama, Lafto Mall (photo: addis Fortune)

Bowlarama, Lafto Mall (photo: addis Fortune)

Currently, it is limited to Bowlarama, Genet Hotel and another alley inside the Armed Forces Recreation Centre, locally known as Mekonenoch, around Tor Hayloch – all located in the capital. The former two were built for public use and the latter is for military personnel.

Embuay Mesk, which is believed to be one of the oldest bowling alleys in Ethiopia, is found at Riche, on Sierra Leone Street. It used to be the Headquarters of the Ethiopian Bowling Association (EBA) before its transfer to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (MoYSC), 14 years ago, as reward for the sporting success of the Ethiopian Olympic team in Sydney. The compound was transferred to the Ethiopian Olympic Committee (EOC) for reconstruction four years ago. Since then, the bowling alley at Embuay Mesk has not been operational.

The bowling centre at Genet Hotel, which is located on Mozambique Street, near the African Union, is one of the two alternative bowling alleys for civilians who wish to play in Ethiopia. It was constructed and opened during the regime of Emperor Haileselassie I, in 1968.

The bowling alley contains four automatic and two analogue lanes. All of the equipment, painted an orange colour, was brought from the American bowling equipment manufacturer, Brunswick. In addition, there is an automatic ball polisher and two separate seats for referees.

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