Ethiopian Sports Journalists Killing the Walia Ibex Spirit, it’s time to Shape up or Ship Out

Ethiopian Sports Journalists Killing the Walia Ibex Spirit, it’s time to Shape up or Ship Out

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Its absurd and ironical at the kind of vitriol and name calling targeting the Ethiopian national team Walia Ibex and coach Mariano Barreto after the 1-2 loss to Algeria.

It’s a shame to take note that a section of so called sports journalists have gathered wits to ensure they kill the team spirit even in a crucial moment when the team basically needs support and no condemnation by ensuring they mis-inform the public to get negative milage .

To put matters straight does not hold forte for anyone but its important to make observations that are critical to the well being of Walia players ,the technical bench and the federation.

Halloooo Algeria is the number one team in Africa and the best African team that participated with a great performance at the World Cup and did the said journalists expect Ethiopia to drub the Dessert Foxes in Addis?Please spare me this thought and give credit where its due Walia Ibex played exceptionally well against a tough team and no other than Algerian coach Christian Gourcuff personally attributed this fact in an exclusive interview with saying he was so impressed with Ethiopia and at one time was afraid in the first half after wave after wave of attack as Walia Ibex fired from all cylinders.

The big question is when will the so called sports journalist understand patriotism and for once give the team the support that they need through positive critism?

First lets face very straight forward facts that have contributed to the negativity of some of the Ethiopian journalists who are hell bent in misleading the public in unprofessional manner just because they have an avenue to express their selfish thoughts.


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