Former President says Ethiopian Tourism Needs More Promotion

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Fasiledes PalaceAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – Former president, Girma Woldegiorgis has called on professionals and stake holders to work more in promoting the Ethiopian tourism.

The president, on the second National Tourism and Hospitality Week, remarked that as Ethiopia has rich natural and cultural heritages the industry should work ‘extensively’ in promoting them, to attract more international visitors.

He also said that a lot is expected from the hotel and tourism professionals to lead the promotion work by informing the world about the good image of Ethiopia.

The National Tourism and Hospitality Week of Ethiopia was staged from 08 to 10 June 2014.

Ethiopia has nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Axum, Lalibela ,Gonder, Lower Awash and Omo valleys, Semien Mountains National Park and Harar.

Source: Ethiopian Radio and Television

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