Proclamation aimed at boosting tourism income & preserving local heritages implemented

Amin Abdulkadir, Minister of Culture and Tourism, said the gaps in the proclamation also proved an obstacle in the country’s efforts to have some of its heritages registered by UNESCO.

State Minister Tadelech Dalecho, added there was a random system of heritage protection and maintenance in the country.

The Council of Ministers approved a new proclamation to address these problems last year, and its implementation has started this month across all regional states, it was revealed.

The new proclamation empowers all regional states to administer their respective heritages. Furthermore, the proclamation paves the way for identifying heritages to be processed for UNESCO recognition.

Amin said the country has managed to register Meskel bonfire religious and cultural celebration and the Konso cultural environmental conservation system with UNESCO. Further plans to register Fiche Chambelala, Sidama’s New Year celebrations, Dire Sheh Husien and Bale National Park are under way.

Source: ENA

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