The 19 Most Stunning Sacred Places Around the World

The 19 Most Stunning Sacred Places Around the World

Bete Giorgis Lalibela

From mountaintop monasteries to super-modern temples, these amazing places will make you believe. We’ve gone through the tips and photos of more than a million travelers on minube to find these places which inspire, astound, and simply take our breath away. From the jungles of Indonesia to the valleys of Tibet, here at the 19 most breathtaking holy places around the world.

13.) Bet Giyorgis, Ethiopia – Bet Giyorgis (“Church of St. George”) is a 12th-century church carved directly into the rock around Lalibela, Ethiopia. Bet Giyorgis, though, is just the most famous of 11 churches carved into the bedrock originally designed to emulate Jerusalem. Travelers can explore this most unique of holy sites via winding tunnels and passageways dozens of feet below surface level. (Photo by Alfonso N. Tappero)

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